Return Resources

If you have Anchor Academy school library items that you are done with, return them to us this JUNE and JULY! ( Includes our Textbooks, Score Keys, Novels, books , unused workbooks etc.)
NOTE: Most of our library items have a little Anchor Academy sticker on the front cover asking you to return resources.
There are 3 ways to return these resources to Anchor Academy:
OPTION #1: C.O.D at the POST OFFICE. This means that you pay the postage plus a small fee upfront, and then a few weeks later the POST OFFICE reimburses you, minus the small fee.
OPTION #2: FREE of CHARGE via Canada Post during JUNE & JULY only: Create a Canada Post return label, print it, then affix it to your package, and take your box to the POST OFFICE. You do not pay anything.
Note: Clicking opens a Canada Post web page.
OPTION #3: Drop off your Resource Material items at our ANCHOR ACADEMY office between 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Monday to Friday;
OR, if you come after hours, place them in the drop box outside the front door with your name and student’s name on the packages/boxes. OUR RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS IS: 7201 Hurst Road, SALMON ARM, BC V1E 2P7